5 Reasons to try a NYC fitness tour this summer.

By on May 30, 2013

There are endless amounts of activities free and paid to keep anyone who looks, busy and entertained in the New York City area this summer. So what is so special about a NYC fitness tour as opposed to any other tour like a food tour or a walking tour? I recently went on a fitness tour with a company called Fitness Tours of NY and the experience was unforgettable.

I can give you 5 good reasons why.

  1. Experience New York City While Getting Fit – Just like the slogan of the Fitness Tours of NY site says , you can see  New York City from a fitness related point of view as opposed to stopping and snapping pictures with slow groups. To do a fitness tour you do not have to be a jock or fitness pro, but you should be in decent fitness shape and you should also be ready to sweat.  You will be on the same sidewalks and in the same parks as the locals, what will be different is the feeling you get seeing the breath taking views and iconic symbols that call New York home while doing a range of fitness exercise tour options which I will list next.
  2. Types of fitness tours – Each tour is featured with levels of difficulty and tourism. All tours showcase New York’s astonishing views as well as teach you new fitness techniques that will get you results. Fitness Tours of NY offers everything from :
  3. At the end of the day, it’s all about Footbiking – I’ve never seen a footbike before and didn’t know they existed. After watching the footbiking demonstration video online and learning about the fitness benefits and calories that can be burned on a footbike tour I knew instantly that the 2 bridges footbiking tour would be my choice. I could feel my muscles firing up in my legs, glutes, and arms as I glided through NYC, wind blowing through my hair on the footbike provided to me in the tour. The beauty of it all is that it took me less than 10 minutes to feel comfortable on the foot bike. I was able to follow and keep up with my group , sight see and truly feel like a kid again all while burning calories and having lots of fun. I would find it hard for anyone not to enjoy such a unique experience.
  4. It’s a  great group fitness activity for you and your friends – Fitness tours are a not only a great summertime activity for vacationers, but they are also a fun way for friends within the tri-state area to connect, get outdoors and spend quality time together. Summertime tourism in NYC can cause some heavy congestion while venturing close the city’s hot spots such as the high line, freedom tower, battery park and within the grid of NYC. The tours are always small, no more than 6 people are allowed per tour, so you never have to feel lost in a crowd. You can ask questions of your tour guide and even meet new friends in the process.
  5. It’s new and will give you incentive to jump start your fitness routine- Sometimes it’s easy to get bored when it comes to fitness, with a fitness tour you have the chance to experience something fresh and new , most importantly once you try a fitness tour and complete it with success, it can be a great motivating tool that can help you recharge your fitness routine and start taking your health back.

If your still not convinced, check out these videos of footbiking and fitness challenges on the tour.

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